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Open everyday at 8:30am

last seating at 2:30pm

and yes you are welcome to arrive at the last minute and even if we still have a wait we will get you in and feed you eventually. 

we have lots to do at the end so you can you're welcome to hang around until 4 ish.

close at 4pm

How long is the wait?


Depends on the size of your party

We're a little restaurant so size does matter if your party is less then five then just check the link to our line up below.

It's the list we use at the restaurant it will change in real time. 

But if you scroll down you can see how many folks are in line and the estimated wait times. So it will give you some idea of how busy we are.

Are you a group of six people?

Not the best option but we would be delighted to feed you.

The problem is we only have two tables we can jam six people into and we don't ask people to leave so the wait can be unpredictable.

The wait should be comparable to the list for less than six but if one of those tables decides to linger on and on and on.... then you will wait.

We will do our best but humans will be humans so the wait can be longer than expected and be a test of your patience while hangry.

Are you more than six people?

Again would be delighted to feed your horde of friends and family alas we do not have a table large enough to seat you all together.

We can split you up but the tables may not come up at the same time or be next to each other.

Again would be delighted to have your company and money but we might not be you ideal restaurant for this occasion.

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Twisted Fork

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Twisted Fork

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(604) 568 0749

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